Ipsos poll: PSD close to 40%, PNL far behind, USR ranks third


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According to an Ipsos poll, commissioned by USR and conducted during June 17-30, the Social Democrats are quoted with 37.8% in the voting intentions of all respondents.

If it comes to those who said they are definitely going to cast their vote, the PSD’s electoral score increases, being 40%. Not the same situation is in the case of PNL.

The electoral share of the Liberals is 25.4% of the total sample and 24.4% in the case of those who say they are safe to vote.

USR is on the third place in the electoral preferences. The party led by Cătălin Drulă has 12.7% voting intention at the level of all respondents. Of those who are sure they will vote, 14.2% indicate USR.

AUR comes fourth, with 10.1% of the total sample and 11.3% of those who go to the polls for sure.85% of those who responded in the Ipsos survey claim that Romania is going in the wrong direction. Respondents would like to see progress on improving the health system, on increasing salaries, curbing corruption, cutting poverty, developing agriculture, protecting woods, improving the education system, decent pensions, building highways, improvement on waste disposal, on air pollution and on digitization of the public administration.

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