IRES: 62 pc of Romanians against Ponta Gov’t change-over


At the same time, President Iohannis enjoys 61 per cent of confidence among the population, while over 80 per cent of Romanians believe he will keep his electoral promises.

62 per cent of Romanians don’t support the change of the current government in favor of a Liberal Cabinet, believing it is not good for one party to hold all the power, reveals a survey conducted by the Romanian Institute for Assessment and Strategy (IRES) after the presidential elections  and remitted on Sunday to Agerpres. There is also a percentage which approves the current government’s changing, namely 32 per cent, while 5 per cent answered they don’t know what to say and 1 per cent didn’t respond at all.

The government’s change-over is supported at a rate of 20.7 per cent of respondents aged over 65 years old and by 43.9 per cent of respondents aged between 18 and 35 years old. Moldova is the region where this idea has the fewest supporters – 24.6 per cent, compared to an average of about 33 per cent in the other regions of the country.

IRES has also questioned the people’s trust in President Iohannis, 61 per cent of Romanians admitting they trust the new head of state.

When asked how much trust they have in Klaus Iohannis, 23 per cent of Romanians said they have a lot of confidence, 38 per cent much confidence, 22 per cent little confidence, 7 per cent very little, 7 per cent no confidence at all, 1 per cent do not know what to answer and 2 per cent do not respond.

IRES shows that people’s confidence in Iohannis is seeing a “spectacular” increase since the period before the campaign to the announcement of his victory in the runoff of the presidential elections, from 25 per cent to 61 per cent. The confidence in Traian B?sescu does not seem to be affected by recent events, remaining constant at around 23 per cent. However, there is a slight increase in it. On the other hand, the trust in Victor Ponta presents a drop after losing the elections, ranging from 33 per cent to 27 per cent. The survey also shows that, on the basis of emotions’ wave, a slight increase of trust in certain fundamental state institutions is being remarked, predominantly in the case of Presidency – from 24 per cent before campaign to 56 per cent post elections. Regarding Iohannis’ electoral promises, over 80 per cent of Romanians believe that the President-elect of Romania will be able to implement his electoral promises; yet 50 per cent believe that B?sescu’s projects should not be continued by the new president.

Asked whether the direction our country takes is good, 55 per cent of Romanians responded affirmatively, the level being significantly higher than the average recorded over the past year.

The survey was conducted on November 20, involving 1.338 subjects aged over 18 years old.


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