Israeli Ambassador in Bucharest Condemns AUR Leaders’ Offensive Attitude Towards Holocaust


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After AUR political party has minimised the importance of Holocaust in the human history, Israel’s ambassador to Romania, David Saranga has taken stand, condemning the statements.

“I strongly condemn the attitude and insulting statements of some political leaders who considered it appropriate to describe the Holocaust genocide as a” minor issue” to be addressed in the Romanian education system. I have constantly argued that fair and objective information on the horrors that took place during the Holocaust in Romania is necessary to prevent such tragedies from happening again,” the Israeli ambassador said in a message posted on Twitter and Facebook.

David Saranga also says that the new generation must know in depth this black page in human history, so that they understand that anti-Semitism, xenophobia and intolerance have no place in today’s society and that they contradict the democratic and European values ​​adopted by Romania.

“The law on the introduction of school subjects “History of the Jews. The Holocaust”, adopted by the Romanian Parliament and recently promulgated by President Klaus Iohannis, provides students with the opportunity to understand this cruel episode, but also the importance of compassion. Such statements are blatant evidence of either lack of commitment or ignorance. It is important to note that they fall within the definition of Holocaust denial issued by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), the same institution that adopted the definition of anti-Semitism during the Romanian presidency. Extremist reactions remind us that radical ideologies and manifestations make their presence felt even today. I am convinced that the Romanian people will choose the historical truth over the anti-Semitic discourse”, the Israeli ambassador’s statement further reads.

On Monday, AUR asked the Minister of Education Sorin Cîmpeanu to include the Romanian Language, History and English among the disciplines for which the Olympics school contests will be held this year. In the press release, AUR points out that, in recent years, there has been “a systematic action to undermine the quality of education in Romania by raising to the rank of  “school subjects “of minor topics or which may be the subject of simple lessons in within existing subjects (eg sex education, Holocaust history, etc.), in parallel with the reduction of the importance given to the fundamental subjects for the formation of the new generations: exact sciences, Romanian language and literature, national history”.

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