Italian MP: Italy imported Romanian “criminals”, while Romania imports Italian companies

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Italian deputy, member of the M5S populist party, Luigi Di Maio, stirred harsh controversies after he stated that Italy has imported 40 percent of the Romanian “criminals”, while Romania has imported Italian companies. The Romanian ambassador in Rome slammed allegations.

“Italy has imported 40% of the criminals in Romania. While Romania is importing our companies and capital from Italy. What a deal is this European Union!”, Di Maio posted on his Facebook page, as quoted by La Stampa and

Denouncing the corruption in Italy, Di Maio also said that, “as Italy has never wanted to make justice work, on the contrary it has sabotaged it on purpose,” the country is luring criminals, while the Italian companies go where the judiciary systems are more efficient: “Like the Romania’s case”, the Italian MP added.

However, his statements were promptly dismissed by the associations of the Romanians in th Peninsula.

The Romanian ambassador to Italy George Gabriel Bologan stated: “It’s a message which, besides the personal opinions, is offending all honest-minded Romanian citizens. John Austin used to say that pronouncing a sentence means an action that can destroy or build. And words, even if they are said in a certain context, can offend, even if they didn’t mean to. The Romanians’ community is well integrated in the Italian social structure,” said ambassador Bologan.


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