“It’s an interesting day” Timmermans told Iohannis at Cotroceni meeting


President Klaus Iohannis welcomed EC First Vice-President Frans Timmermans at Cotroceni Palace on Friday amidst developments regarding Prime Minister Ponta’s prosecution for complicity to tax evasion and money laundering. The welcoming dialogue between the two officials couldn’t avoid hinting to that matter.

“Welcome to Romania, welcome to Cotroceni! I am glad you came, there are interesting time,” Iohannis greeted Timmermans. “It’s an interesting day”, the European official retorted, showing a suggestive expression.

Before coming to Bucharest, EC First Vice-President paid a visit to Bulgaria, where he met Bulgarian officials and had a dialogue with Bulgarian and Romanian citizens in Ruse. After the encounter with the citizens, Frans Timmermans met PM Victor Ponta, on a ship on the Danube.

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