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Journalist Robert Turcescu cleared of ‘self-exposure charges’

Journalist Robert Turcescu’s statements over his allegedly self-exposure as an undercover officer “cannot be considered as law-breaking”, Prosecutor General of Romania, Tiberiu Nitu decided on Thursday, thus explaining why the Supreme Court has not been notified ex officio in this case. Asked if any decision regarding Ilie Nastase and Madalin Voicu’s notification has been made, Nitu answered the two lawmakers had not filed any complaint on this issue. “They only asked me to keep the national security well defended and to analyze the situation. They didn’t lodge any criminal complaint”, Nitu said.

While keeping a low profile in the last weeks, Turcescu came to light on Thursday, telling Romania TV that he will not comment Prosecutor General’s statements and decisions. “I would not dare speaking about disappointment or excitement. The prosecutor knows what he is talking about and he must have known to weigh things in order to come to this conclusion (…) I’ve just recorded his decision today, but I won’t comment on it. From my point of view, I have already told what I’ ve got to say, I will never comment Justice’s decisions. I haven’t run away anywhere, I am still here (…)”, Turcescu stated.

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