Julian Assange: The US commit abuses, take people captive and are corrupting Romania in the worst way


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Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said on Tuesday that it is vital for Romania to show that practices such as the existence of CIA prisons on its territory are not tolerated and “to investigate itself,” adding that the US commit “abuses” and thus are corrupting our country.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange discussed with journalists from ‘Gandul’ newspaper Tuesday evening for an hour through an online stream. The public could submit questions for Julian Assange. The discussion with Julian Assange was followed by the screening of the film “1971”, presenting a real case of a group of peace activists who publish secret documents compromising some FBI actions.

Julian Assange also spoke about American espionage and electronic surveillance activities leading to huge data bases and about activities of interest for the world states, including Romania.

Julian Assange spoke about the Big Brother law in Romania concerning the processing of personal data and privacy in the electronic communications sector.

“It is important that Romania has a debate. In many countries there is debate, but it is important where does this debate arise from,” said Assange, adding that in many countries, such debate appears when revelations about abuses surface.

“I’m not an expert when it comes to Romania, but I suspect that there are similar fears in the background of this debate. Electronic surveillance costs decrease by 50% every year. A country like Romania may monitor communications most of the time and for most of the population,” added Julian Assange.

Another topic discussed in the interview with Wikileaks founder was the existence of CIA secret prisons in Romania, in the context of recent statements made by former President Ion Iliescu for ‘Der Spiegel’, who said he agreed “in principle” with a US request during 2002-2003 on the establishment of a CIA centre in Romania, without knowing that it was going to be about any detention unit.

On this subject, Julian Assange said that “there is no greater abuse a state can commit than to assassinate or keep people in secret captivity.”

“The US are doing that and are corrupting Romania in the worst way. It is vital for Romania to show that such abuses are not tolerated and to investigate itself. Romania has had problems in the past with Russia and other countries and there is a discussion to make the US such concessions, which is total crap. Romania gets what it wants from Russia. Of course, on long-term, there can be a threat, but Romania must carefully position itself in relation to large neighbours, such as Russia or Germany. The US are doing a kind of annexation in Romania or other countries, by attaching electronic systems,” said Julian Assange, according to gandul.info.

Julian Assange said during the interview that Wikileaks will publish this year a further million documents.

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