JusMin Toader has no intention to resign

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Justice minister Tudorel Toader has said on Thursday that he would not resign over latest criticism against him, saying that he cannot just close his office over rumours on his reshuffle. His statements come after PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea had said that the Justice minister would not benefit of the ruling party’s endorsement anymore.
Asked how he can still remain in office if PSD is not supporting him anymore, minister Toader replied: “You should ask them, and not me. I am just performing my duties until another name appears in the Official Gazette. Why? For it is a principle saying that you must ensure the continuity of the activity’s authority. I cannot just close down my office for I’ve heard they are reshuffling me.

He underlined he won’t resign, as he has never abandoned the duties he had assumed. “Resignations are not only honorable ones. Resignations can owe to many other reasons. I have experienced many professional situations, but I have never abandoned the duties that I had assumed”, he added.

Referring to Liviu Dragnea’s latest statements regarding endorsement, Minister Toader had previously stated that “everybody does what he knows and thinks”.

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