Justice Minister answers President Iohannis: Constitution allows the Gov’t to issue emergency ordinances

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Justice Minister Tudorel Toader said on Tuesday, referring to the referendum announced by President Klaus Iohannis, that the issuing of emergency ordinances by the Government is provided by the Constitution and that banning this ability means amending the Constitution.

Toader added that the Constitution provides for the possibility for the Government to issue emergency ordinances in exceptional situations, realitatea.net reports.

“Consultations will take place with the Parliament for the extension of the reference area of the questions for referendum. The debate is ongoing and it is not my part to interfere. Until then, I want to tell you that, by the Constitution, it is provided the Government’s ability to issue emergency ordinances in emergency situations. As it is provided by the Constitution, for taking it out, a procedure to review the Constitution is needed,” Tudorel Toader said on Tuesday.

In a press conference at Cotroceni presidential palace on Monday, President Klaus Iohannis launched new accusations against the Social Democrat Party, saying it is ruling through emergency ordinances and that this procedure must be regulated. He also announced he will definitely call the referendum on May 26, as “this can’t go further anymore’.

He slammed the repeated emergency ordinances, arguing they are adopted “in a non-transparent manner”, lacking clarity and previous consultations.

“PSD is ruling through emergency ordinances in the judiciary and this cannot be tolerated anymore. Regulating the adoption of these GEOs is mandatory.”

President Iohannis announced the decision to consult the Parliament again to extend the scope of the referendum.

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