Senate’s legal committee postpones debates on pardon law to April 11

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The Senate’s legal committee has postponed unanimously, on Tuesday, upon the proposal of the Justice Minister, the debates on the pardon law draft bill to April 11.

Justice Minister Tudorel Toader requested the senators of the legal committee to postpone the debates, saying other measures are envisaged as well, complementary measures, aiming to solve the problems of penitentiary overcrowding. He added the entire draft package will be completed in three weeks at the most.

Justice Minister Tudorel Toader arrived to the committee’s works right from the CSAT sitting and said “pardon is not a unique solution.”

Among the amendments to the draft law there is one from the committee’s head Serban Nicolae, which reads that from the pardon law will also benefit people convicted for corruption.

On the other hand, according to, Serban Nicolae said he would suggest the postponement, however he wants some of the discussions to take place today. Furthermore, he drew the attention that there is a tacit approval deadline in the Senate, i.e. April 25. “Are there any doubts about the need for this draft?” he asked.

The draft bill on pardon was on the agenda of the Senate’s law committee on March 7, but the debates were delayed for two weeks, upon Nicolae’s suggestion.

PSD Senator Serban Nicolae filed in early march an amendment to the draft bill on pardon, by which the convicted for giving and taking bribe, for influence peddling and abuse of office could be pardoned. He motivated his amendment by the fact that he does not believe “the corrupt people should be three in a bed, in damp conditions, poor hygiene.”

President Iohannis said on March 7 that, if the corruption deeds are pardoned, it would be a bad signal to the society.

Serban Nicolae’s amendment was not supported by the PSD leader Liviu Dragnea either. Dragnea said on March 13 he discussed with the Senator and Nicolae said he would withdraw the amendment on pardoning the people convicted for bribery, influence peddling and abuse of office.

Nicolae confirmed the same day Dragnea’s announcement, but said he would withdraw the controversial amendments to the pardon law, after the debates on the draft bill, so that the people invited do not come ‘for nothing’ to the committee’s sitting.

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