Justice Minister Toader hints at President Iohannis: The Constitution must be observed, willy-nilly

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Justice Minister Tudorel Toader said on Monday that the Constitution “must be observed, willy-nilly” and it is compulsory to observe its demands, hinting at President Klaus Iohannis, who said last week he will not dismiss from office Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar.

“There’s nothing new under the sun! Each time the President has made it a tradition – I would be surprised of the contrary – to mention the decision and that he would get documented. Sure, I believe he will. Eventually, there are complementary competences: one proposes, the other one gives an opinion, another one appoints by decree, but none of us is above the Constitution. The Constitution should be observed willy-nilly. Of course, we might express a personal opinion. But it is compulsory to observe its demands,” Toader said.

Last Friday, President Iohannis announced he will not revoke from office Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar, as Justice Minister Tudorel Toader has requested, arguing the minister had nothing better to do and sent again the same documents asking for Lazar’s revocation.

“The Justice Minister, as he probably had nothing better to do, has sent me again the same revocation documents. I can simply tell you- I will not dismiss Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar. Romania’s Prosecutor General is doing an excellent job out there. I am content by his activity,” Klaus Iohannis said.

Referring to the minister’s assessment, the President replied: “the Justice Minister’s assessment does not satisfy the rigor of the law.”

Minister Toader announced on December 27 on his Facebook page that he has sent the request to revoke from office Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar to the head of state, accompanied by the request to appoint Alina Florea as DNA chief prosecutor.

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