Kelemen Hunor says censure motion against Gov’t will not pass with UDMR’s vote either, blames opposition for lacking PM, ministers, programme


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The Hungarian minority’s party, UDMR, has not yet decided to vote for or against the censure motion against the Government, claiming the reason is related to the opposition’s failure to propose a prime minister, ministers, governing programme.

UDMR leader Kelemen Hunor says he has had talks with USR chair Dan Barna and PMP’s Eugen Tomac, but with PNL he had contacts only with several Deputies, informs.

“I haven’t talked with PNL leader Ludovic Orban. We’ve met in Hamburg last week, we shook hands, but we haven’t talked about the motion. This does not mean that, if he looks for me, we would not discuss.” Hunor said.

The UDMR chair says he is not satisfied with the answers from the opposition. “A question remains – the opposition wants to really govern or not? It’s a serious question. I asked them: who will be the Premier, who will be the ministers, what about the governing programme? I haven’t received any answer. The country wants to find out the direction you are heading to. I asked Eugen Tomac about the Premier, he told be the Liberals should say. I asked him: You want to suggest Traian Basescu, he has experience? He replied: well… I asked Dan Barna, there was no answer. We have the parliamentary session and the motion. It is a welcome debate, but I haven’t seen targets, a governing programme,” Kelemen Hunor said.

He added that, with UDMR’s vote either, the censure motion will not pass, as there are not enough votes.

“Everyone knows 52 votes are missing. Where to take them from? UDMR has 30 votes. If things go well, I agree to vote for it, but there is no alternative. At least we should know who is to lead the Government,” the UDMR leader said.

The opposition announced on Monday it would file a censure motion against the Viorica Dancila cabinet, with PMP leader Eugen Tomac saying the initiative will be submitted on Wednesday.







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