King Mihai leaves royal duties to Crown Princess Margareta due to serious illness

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His Majesty King Mihai I decided to withdraw from public life in the favour of his eldest daughter, Crown Princess Margareta of Romania.

I received a serious medical diagnosis in the past weeks… I am sure that my daughter Margareta will find the wisdom and force to represent me…I have asked the Royal Council to continue its mission and offer its advice to the Custodian of the Romanian Crown”, reads the kings’ message.

The Royal Council convened on Tuesday and Wednesday at His Majesty’s request, taking note of his health condition. The King has undergone a serious surgery recently, with the doctors giving an alarming diagnosis: “chronical leukemia” and “epidermoid carcinoma with metastasis“.

His Majesty is following a complex, challenging treatment, which will prevent him from being able to have public appearances.

King Mihai I was the sovereign ruler of Romania from 20 July 1927 to 8 June 1930 and again from 6 September 1940 to 30 December 1947. He was forced to abdicate in 1947 by the government controlled by the Romanian Communist Party. In addition to being the current claimant to the defunct throne of Romania, he was also a Prince of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen until 10 May 2011, when he renounced this title.

According to the succession provisions of the Romanian kingdom’s last democratically approved monarchical constitution of 1923, upon the death of King Mihai I without sons, the claim to the Crown devolves once again upon the Hohenzollern family.

However, on 30 December 2007, on the 60th anniversary of his abdication, the King signed the Fundamental Rules of the Royal Family of Romania, by which he designated Princess Margareta as his heir to the throne with the titles of “Crown Princess of Romania” and “Custodian of the Romanian Crown.”

On August 1, 2015, Mihai I stripped his grandson Nicolae Medforth-Mills from the title Prince of Romania and the qualification of Royal Highness, thus removing him from the line of succession.

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