Klaus Iohannis-Boris Johnson phone talk, tackling Brexit, Romanian-British relations


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Romanian President Klaus Iohannis had talked with the British PM Boris Johnson on the phone on Tuesday night, the Presidential Administration announced.

Regarding bilateral relations, President Klaus Iohannis highlighted that after Brexit it will be important to update and deepen the strategic partnership between Romania and the United Kingdom, which will cover economic issues, as well as security, defence and foreign affairs relations.

As for Brexit, the President of Romania underlined that a directed withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union is in the interest of both the United Kingdom and the European Union. In this regard, President Klaus Iohannis pointed out that the withdrawal agreement agreed upon by the two sides remains the most effective mechanism to ensure UK’s exit from the European Union, restricting the negative consequences of Brexit and guaranteeing the rights of citizens of the Union who live, work or study in the UK,” reads the Presidency press release.

President Iohannis told Prime Minister Boris Johnson that Romania’s top priority is to protect the rights of Romanian citizens in the UK.

Iohannis underscored that in the coming period, both Europeans in the UK and British citizens in the EU 27 must remain a priority, so that, regardless of the scenario to which negotiations are heading, the negative effects that might affect their lives should be reduced as much as possible.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson assured the President of Romania that protecting the rights of Romanian citizens in the UK after Brexit is a very important matter for the British Government, while the actions of the British authorities will mainly focus on this goal. Referring to the UK citizens’ rights in Romania after Brexit, President Klaus Iohannis stressed that they will be protected, ensuring reciprocity with the rights of Romanian citizens in the UK,” the statement said.

Romania’s ambassador to the UK, Dan Mihalache, said on Tuesday that the the phone conversation took place at the request of the British side.

The ambassador also explained why there are no talks yet to prepare a potential visit paid by President Iohannis to London: The situation in UK is very fluid for now, likewise the UK-EU negotiations on Brexit and our embassy’s assessment has been to maintain a high level of the bilateral ties, and not necessarily to have a rather an exercise of image.

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