Klaus Iohannis presents balance sheet of first term as President

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President Klaus Iohannis has presented the balance sheet of his first term at Cotroceni on Thursday, stating that his foreign affairs actions focused on increasing Romania’s role within the North Atlantic Alliance and the European Union, as well as on the enlargement and strengthening of the Strategic Partnership with the U.S.

“I have succeeded in making Romania a respected member of the great European family and an active partner of the debates this period, which were not so easy,” Klaus Iohannis said.

As for domestic affairs, Iohannis added that he focused on the good functioning of public authorities.

Referring to the weakening of the state that has been attempted in the past 3 years, he said that he used all constitutional mechanisms to counter these “profoundly undemocratic forces”.

“The outcome of all these actions speaks for itself: GEO 13 didn’t come into force, the Criminal Codes favourable to criminals didn’t come into force,” Iohannis told the press statements.

On Saturday, Iohannis will be sworn-in for his second mandate in a plenary session of the joint Chambers of Parliament.

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