Klaus Iohannis takes over second term as President at CCR: Those who vouched assault on judiciary have been sanctioned by vote

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The Constitutional Court has validated today Klaus Iohannis’ second term as President after the victory in the recent presidential election, in a solemn ceremony at the CCR headquarters.

Iohnnis said that the first five-year mandate at Cotroceni Palace was full of challenges, stressing that he opposed the “regressive actions” that represented “a danger for democracy” and that those who vouched assault on judiciary have been sanctioned by vote.

He pledged to further watch over the respect of the Constitution, while endorsing the rule of law and Romania’s European path.

The CCR solemn sitting took place after the Central Electoral Bureau had announced earlier on Thursday that final results of the presidential election runoff. Klaus Iohannis won 66.09% of the votes, while the PSD candidate, Viorica Dancila-33.91%.

“We are 30 years since Romanians decided to project their future into democracy, while the constitutional framework responded to this aspiration,  by enforcing mechanisms of protecting fundamental rights and freedoms and of proper functioning of the state institutions.

It is mandatory that state actors involved in this framework to act to the benefit of the Romanian nation. To watch over the respect of Constitution and to guarantee its supremacy, as a last barrier against the side-slips from the democratic rules, is of a vital importance“, said Iohannis.

He continued that Romania is a rule of law, while Romanians are a nation with deep democratic reflexes, so “those who vouched the assault against the independence of justice received the most severe and legitimate sanction by the people’s vote”.

“It is the strongest signal that all political decision-makers must assume as inalienable right that nobody is above the law (…) The development of our society is not about people or positions, but about the duty to something good for our country, by directly contributing to Romania’s progress. I am convinced that, on the foundation of the democratic values that we have all defended in the past years, we’ll build a normal, strong and prosperous Romania that we all want!”, the head of state concluded.


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