Klaus Iohannis to foreign ambassadors: “The success of completing the CVM in 2022 must be completed this year with the Schengen accession”


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President Klaus Iohannis announced on Tuesday, at the annual meeting with the heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Romania, that 2023 should be the year of accession to Schengen. “Romania is prepared from all points of view,” says the president.

“The success of completing the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) in 2022 must be completed this year with the well-deserved accession to Schengen, because Romania is ready from all points of view. The place of Romania and its citizens is in the Schengen area”, Klaus Iohannis said.

The President thanked the states that supported Romania’s accession and stated that Romanian diplomacy will take all steps for a favorable decision.

“Thank you to all the states that supported us and we count on your continued support. I reaffirm in this framework that we will take all the steps that belong to us, at all levels and at all levels, so that Romania obtains a favorable decision for accession to the Schengen area”, declared Iohannis.

Romania is definitely an important part of the solution to the security challenges that we are facing at European level. We contributed and we are contributing consistently to strengthening the EU’s security”, the Romanian head of state added.

In this respect,  Klaus Iohannis recalled in his annual speech delivered to the foreign ambassadors accredited in Bucharest that Romania “has immediately, firmly and crucially acted in a global context that was unbalanced through interwined economic, energy and food crises”.
“The year 2022 was also a year of courage in the face of the Russian invasion, a year of the defense of democracy and sovereign principles, a year of unity of action and solidarity,” says the president.
He spoke about Romania’s efforts at EU and NATO level in the context of the war in Ukraine and thanked the partners for their support. At the same time, the president says that “Romania will also pursue its foreign policy objectives in 2023 based on the three essential pillars: increasing its role and influence in the European Union, respectively in NATO, and deepening the Strategic Partnership with the United States of America.
“The year that has just begun will not be easy. It will further test our ability to respond to challenges, to remain in solidarity and above all united. Romania’s response to the crisis caused by Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine will continue to be multidimensional and comprehensive. We will continue to support Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova, including their European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations, as appropriate,” the president said.

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