Klaus Iohannis validated as Romania’s President by the Constitutional Court


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President-elect Klaus Iohannis was validated on Friday for the Romania’s president office in a solemn session of the Constitutional Court.

Iohannis stated that he got a very strong vote on November 16 that he clearly understood.“It was a very clear and strong vote and I assure all that I have understood it (…) Now, 25 years after Romanian Revolution a stage is closing down and Romanians have made it very clear by their vote: stop and here we go again. My vision fortunately blended with the Romanians’ expectations,” Iohannis said at CC ceremony.

President Traian B?sescu also attended Iohannis’ validation ceremony, stating that, after a ten-year term, he “is endowing” a country having right-wing options. “I would have wanted that at end of my term a left-wing party to dominate all state institutions (…) I endow a country having right or center-right wing options,” B?sescu said.

Important files, passed over

President B?sescu also informed he would pass over Iohannis all the important files in progress at the Presidential Administration and so would his aides.

B?sescu pointed out there are institutions that were brought up-to-date and he had no inhibition from saying that institutions subordinated to Presidency have made advances. “But we still have too many institutions which are not reformed at the governmental level, due to political interpretation,” he mentioned.

U.S. congratulates Iohannis

The U.S. Government congratulates President-elect Klaus Iohannis on his election as President, as well as the people of Romania, who turned out to vote in large numbers both at home and abroad in an exemplary demonstration of civic participation, an U.S. embassy’s press release reads. “ Romania is an important strategic partner of the United States, and we look forward to continued close cooperation with Romania and its new President. Relations between our countries will remain strong based on our shared values and goals,” the release concludes.

President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker also congratulated Iohannis on Friday, expressing hope they would meet as soon as possible.

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