Labour minister: Gov’t resolution on the minimum salary rise, to be adopted this week

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The Government resolution stipulating the minimum gross salary rise up to RON 1,900 will be adopted by the Executive this week, Labour minister Olguta Vasilescu said on Monday.

The reason we postponed the government resolution was that it had to stay under public debate on the ministry’s website. We’ll have this resolution, with the minimum salary to increase to RON 1,900, as agreed,” the minister said.

Questioned about the budget draft, Vasilescu said this matter is under the authority of the Finance minister, Ionut Misa.

I know the budget issue has been discussed, we have no problem with the pensions or salaries next year,” she mentioned.

At present, the minimum gross salary in Romania is RON 1,450. The Labour Ministry drafted a bill on the increase of the minimum salary to RON 1,900 as of January 1, 2018, which they argued, it would represent a 31.03% rise as against December 2017.

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