Labour minister: Retirement age will gradually increase for all Romanians up to 65


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Labor Minister Marius Budai announced, on Monday, some of the principles agreed with the European Commission for pension reform, including: the elimination of “certain” special pensions, military pensions also being subject to reform, the gradual increase of the retirement age for all Romanians to 65 years, and pensions will be calculated based on the entire period of work, not just on the last years of activity, when salaries are higher, so that no pension will exceed the salary from the period of activity.

“The gradual increase of the retirement age, in accordance with the public pension system, until the age of 65. Thus, every person working in Romania will have to be equivalent, there should be no differences between those who work in certain systems and those who work in the public pension system, and they will have a retirement age up to the age of 65, as it is gradually provided for in the law on the public pension system”, declared the Minister of Labor.

Currently, the retirement age is 65 for men and 63 for women, but there are certain categories of employees who can retire at much younger ages. The equalization of the retirement age between men and women is included in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

As for special pensions, the Minister of Labor specified that “several criteria and principles have been established with the European Commission in order to be able to meet the milestone”.

“The principle of the new laws is that there will no longer be such big differences. It will be a gradual transition. You can’t make a sudden switch if you want to be responsible. Some of the amendments are already ready and I have presented them to the leaders of the Coalition. I received the order that all the amendments be ready by Wednesday evening. On Thursday, the Coalition would submit them to the Parliament. It was gratifying that I was able to achieve these principles so that we have achieved the milestone. On Thursday, all information will be public. I guarantee you that those agreed with the European Commission will be respected”, Budăi also stated.

However, the minister did not specify when it will be applied concretely, saying that new amendments are to be made, which the coalition will submit to Parliament on Thursday.

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