Law on electing mayors in two rounds sent back to senatorial committees


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The law on electing mayors in two rounds has been sent back to the Senate’s specialist committees on Monday. The bill was initiated by the National Liberal Party.

The Senate’s leadership voted the Social Democrat Party’s request to send the law back to the committees.

“We anticipated that PSD would play out time. It’s a shame. Not assuming responsibility on a vote in Parliament is a cowardly action, typical to the Social Democrat Party. We’ll be back asking for this draft to be tabled again in a plenary session,” Liberal co-president Alina Gorghiu said.

Previously in the day she had stated that she waited to see if PSD would eventually table the draft on the Senate’s agenda, arguing that “the green light of a committee cannot replace a law initiative.”

Gorghiu also said she expected to see “a balance exercise from PSD”.

PM Dacian Cioloș will attend the Prime Minister Hour in the Chamber of Deputies on Monday afternoon to discuss the two-round system in local elections, electoral laws, extending the vote by mail for presidential elections.

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