Law on rehabilitation of private-owned historical buildings promulgated


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President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday promulgated the law on the rehabilitation of the private-owned historical buildings’ facades with money from the city halls.

The money is to be recovered in ten years at the most.

The law says that at the owners’ request public local administrations can provide funds to cover total rehabilitation expenses in certain circumstances, with the sums of money being recovered in ten years at the most. The money is to be recovered from the repairs fund of the owner’s associations. In case the sums cannot be recovered this way, the city halls can set a fee to increase the architecture quality of the buildings, a provision that is enforceable only if the owners benefit of the buildings’ rehabilitation following enlistment in multiannual programmes.

In case the rehabilitated buildings are sold, the city halls can recover money from the new owners.

At the same time, the local authorities can partially or fully take over these expenses if the buildings are located in “protected areas” or are among the historical monuments on the world patrimony list.

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