Leader of the German Forum denies Kelemen Hunor’s invitation to the UDMR congress

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The leader of the Democrat German Forum in Romania (FDGR), Paul Jürgen Porr, has denied the invitation of the UDMR chairman to attend the party’s congress, wishing him „future successes next to comrades Dragnea & Tariceanu”.

„The FDGR leader thanked the UDMR chairman in an e-mail for his invitation, informing him he would not take part. He wished Kelemen Hunor <future successes next to comrades Dragnea & Tariceanu,>” reads a FDGR press release.

Porr said „it is unacceptable for UDMR to endorse all actions taken by the incumbent ruling coalition on the so-called reform of the judiciary system, which in fact are considerably  weakening the fight against corruption and jeopardizing the rule of law.”

UDMR Congress is due in Cluj Napoca at the end of February.  Kelemen Hunor is the only candidate running for the chairman position.

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