Lend-Lease May Be Granted 2nd Time in World’ History

On April 27, the US House of Representatives will vote to grant a lend-lease to Ukraine: a military program designed to fight Europe against WW2 Nazism.


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Today at 2 p. m. an epochal vote will be held in Washington on whether to provide Ukraine with exceptional military support or not. The United States has repeatedly confirmed its confidence in the victory of Ukraine in the war, and this was the starting point for the submission of the lend-lease for consideration by the Senate.

The law opens an opportunity for Ukraine to receive heavy weapons, defense equipment, and humanitarian aid from the United States without hindrance and on mutually beneficial terms. The program aims to increase the ability of the president of the United States (in this case, Joe Jr Biden) regarding the Arms export control act: some current requirements will be canceled, others will be expanded.

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