Less over 41,000 Romanians in Diaspora apply for postal vote at upcoming presidential election


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The registration deadline for the postal vote in the presidential elections has ended. 41,003 Romanians living abroad have applied to vote by mail, while almost 39,000 from Diaspora applied to vote in the polling stations.

Romanians who want to vote abroad at the presidential elections this year had the possibility to sign up as voters abroad through an online application, until September 15, at 23:59hrs.

According to statistics available on the website of the Electoral Permanent Authority, 41,003 Romanians applied for the postal vote, while 38,944 have chosen to vote in the polling stations for three days

Initially, the registration deadline was by September 11, but the Government extended the deadline  by four more days through emergency ordinance.

Registrations for the postal vote started at the end of July.

Romanians living in Diaspora will be able to cast their vote at the first round of presidential election between November 8-10 and between November 22-24 for the runoffs.

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