Liberal candidate running for Bucharest City Hall uses Colectiv case images to present projects

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The candidate of the National Liberal Party running for the Bucharest City Hall, Cristian Bușoi on Monday presented his projects for the Capital city by using images of the Colectiv club, where a devastating fire killed 63 people and left other 15o injured, but also black and white photos illustrating the consequences of the 1977 deadly earthquake.

“Bucharest, wake up!” was the message displayed on the banner used for the project launch.

MEP Cristian Bușoi explained he had chosen to present images of the Colectiv club and of the 1977 earthquake following a debate with his communication team.

“If we remind people the drama of 1977 and the one on 2015, they will understand that we are running out of time and that they must act,” the Liberal candidate said.

While displaying images related to the Colectiv fire, Bușoi also unveiled his plans for the Capital city, namely the intention to build “the biggest emergency hospital in the eastern Europe in Bucharest” that would be useful in the case of tragedies such as the Colectiv fire, as well as to rehabilitate the buildings with high seismic risk, which in case of earthquake “would risk to multiply the Colectiv tragedy tens of times.”

Later on in the evening, Cristian Bușoi apologized for using images with the Colectiv tragedy in the campaign promoting some projects for Bucharest, saying he understands the criticism and that he has never intended to use this tragedy in an electoral exercise. “I apologize to all those who were hurt by this coupling,” Bușoi wrote on his Facebook account.


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