Liberal chair slams ruling coalition partners


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The President of the National Liberal Party, Nicolae Ciucă, stated that he requested an agreement with the Social Democrats to avoid mutual attacks and the recruitment of mayors between the two parties. However, Ciucă mentioned that this agreement did not materialize. When asked if there was a change in the coalition’s approach after the Social Democrats assumed the position of prime minister, Ciucă expressed disappointment, stating that the agreement to refrain from mutual attacks and mayor recruitment was not honored. He cited instances where mayors with historical affiliations shifted their support. Ciucă also addressed accusations that PNL took mayors from PSD, asserting that such claims are unfounded and suggested that liberal mayors would understand the role of financing projects under the liberal government. He highlighted the numerous ongoing projects across Romania as evidence of effective governance.

I have asked right from the beginning to have an agreement that bans all attacks between PSD and PNL and which forbids mayor recruiting. This did not happen, more than that, we understand that there are one or two mayors that migrate to the left-wing (…),” said the former PM.

The co-host prompted in and mentioned that PNL has also taken mayors from PSD, giving the example of the Iasi mayor. ”

“We go back in history to see who started? When you suddenly announce that nine mayors have switched… First of all, they haven’t switched, they can’t switch, they lose their mandate. And I am convinced that almost until the elections, they will change their minds because liberal mayors will understand the role and how we understood it during the liberal government, the role of financing projects, the way we initiated projects. There are over 2600 ongoing projects in Romania; work is being done everywhere, including in small communities,” added the PNL leader.

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