Liberal chairman Ludovic Orban is accused from inside the party that he is leading it to a wrong direction, takes tough stand against his opponents


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Ludovic Orban is accused from inside the National Liberal Party (PNL) that he is taking the party in a wrong direction, after he had voted in the referendum for the revision of the Constitution and had declared his support for the initiative.

In retort, Orban said he would have liked that his colleagues’ public stances should point to „a PSD’s lamentable failure”.

A message posted on the Facebook accounts of several Liberal leaders says that the current leadership of the party is proposing a retrograde policy. „The PNL leadership has thrown the party into a new adventure and to a new political failure, which had teared apart 70% of the Liberal voters. The PNL leadership does not unite us, but divide us. It does not modernise, but proposes a retrograde policy. #It’s enough”, reads the message posted by Catalin Predoiu, former Justice minister and Alina Gorghiu, former PNL chairwoman.

Asked to comment these accusations, Orban said: „I have nothing to comment about the accusations. The referendum has clearly shown that Romania’s population had given a no confidence vote to the PSD and to the Social Democrat ruling. The main responsible for the referendum’s failure is PSD and Liviu Dragnea, who tried to seize a topic that didn’t belong to them. As for the National Liberal Party, we have not decided any stance, we let the party members free to vote according to their own conscience.

As for some of my colleagues, I would have liked that their public, more or less coordinated stances to reveal the PSD’s lamentable failure and to focus the entire energy for the PNL’s efforts to help Romania get rid of this harmful ruling, which is destroying Romania’s image and which is doing so much harm in the Romanian society”, Orban said, adding that PNL is the most democratic, transparent party. „To come out public with accusations against the PNL is only harming the party”, he argued.

Former PNL chairman Crin Antonescu has somehow sprung into Irban’s defense, stating that he is disappointment by the referendum’s outcome and by the absenteeism, but he doesn’t consider the political actors should be blamed for the ballot’s failure. Antonescu said Ludovic Orban’s resignation is not needed.

“Chairman Orban has done well when he has committed the party on an official, mandatory path. Each member had the freedom to do what he/she liked. I think it’s nothing wrong to express you own option. If there are other reasons, then it’s a different discussion,” he added.

On the other hand, political sources told media on Monday that Orban would have warned his opponents in the party within the first Executive Bureau sitting after the referendum that he would take tougher actions and enforce the party’s statute.

Orban would have criticised his opponents, claiming “he won’t take such conducts anymore”, warning “he will use the bat” and enforce the party’s statute.

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