Liberal deputy convicted for corruption resigns from the party, withdraws from politics

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Liberal deputy Mihai Voicu has announced on Thursday he is withdrawing from politics for good after he had been sentenced on probation in the file where he is charged with corruption deeds. The National Anti-corruption Directorate accused Voicu that he would have compelled party members to pay for the electoral campaign if they wanted to run for an eligible seat.

“I have suspended myself from the party and I am withdrawing from politics for good. The sentence pronounced today is not final, but it is a normal action that anyone in this situation should do”, Voicu todl Digi24.

In his turn, PNL chairman Ludovic Orban confirmed Voicu’s suspension from the party. “If a member of the National Liberal Party has been sentenced in court he is suspended from the member position. He regains his seat as a party member only if he is acquitted“, Orban explained.

The High Court of Cassation and Justice has sentenced Mihai Voicu on Thursday to three years on probation for corruption deeds, but the ruling is not final.

DNA prosecuted Voicu in December 2017 for requesting money from party members in order to list them on eligible positions in elections.

According to the prosecutors, during January-April 2012, Mihai Voicu, with the help of Mogos Dan Lucian Stefan, used his influence to impose non-statutory criteria, asking the party members to financially support the election campaign by individual payments. Some 20 party members have made ‘donations’ of RON 5,000-20,000, amounting overall to RON 290,450.

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