Liberal leader presents internal survey: PNL – 27%, PSD – 30%

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PNL leader Ludovic Orban presented on Sunday a survey regarding the political parties, which reveals that PNL would get 27% of votes and PSD 30%.

“Almost 26,000 individuals have been interviewed face to face, it is not a survey conducted by phone. (…) Every interview is recorded on an audio file. PNL has 27% and PSD has 30%, which is catastrophic for them. Look at the survey conducted on January-February 2017 when PSD had 54-55%. After losing the elections, PNL had 16-17%,” Ludovic Orban said for B1 TV private broadcaster.

Orban says the survey reads that only 17.6% of interviewees say Romania is heading in the right direction. Out of the PSD supporters, 60% say the country is heading in a wrong direction.

“We’ve looked at the conflict between PSD leaders and the EU. People are not fooled, they see it as a conflict generated by PSD due to the refusal to observe justice independence and the rule of law,” Orban said.

According to political sources, the survey reads that PNL has popularity of 27.8% and PSD of 30.2%. Third is ALDE – 11.5%, followed by USR – 10.2%, Pro Romania party – 5.5%, UDMR – 5.1%, PLUS – 5% and PMP – 4.2%, informs.

PNL in turmoil regarding European elections

The survey costs EUR 300,000 and includes also the potential candidates for the European elections this spring. According to political sources quoted by, President Klaus Iohannis has told the Liberals that he does not want on PNL lists the names of Crin Antonescu (former party leader – our note) and of Vasile Blaga (former PDL leader).

However, the survey reveals that Crin Antonecu would score 33% (against PNL’s 27%) and many members reportedly would want the former chairman to take over the party’s leadership again. The same source argues this would put Klaus Iohannis’ candidacy for a second term in danger.

“It’s high time that Klaus Iohannis pays for the betrayal in 2014. Crin Antonescu brought him to the party and then he took over his position. What if the wheel turns around?” a PNL member has told


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