Liberal MEP slams PM Dăncilă: “She is the first gov’t head attacking her subordinates”

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Liberal MEP Siegfried Mureşan has criticised PM Viorica Dăncilă, saying in a Facebook post she is the first head of government who is attacking the clerks under her command. Any competent clerk, any competent diplomat is an enemy to PSD, Siegfried Mureşan says.

“After everybody hailed the performance of the Romanian clerks and diplomats, Viorica Dăncilă has virulently reacted saying <it’s not Romania’s public servants and diplomats who made the Presidency of the EU Council. The Presidency was led by Romania’s Government, ministers have chaired the sessions at every meeting, it was a very good collaboration>. I will send this message to Mrs. Dăncilă.

  1. Mrs Dăncilă is the first head of government who is attacking the clerks and diplomats under her command and is distancing herself from them. The prime minister’s role is to defend the competent civil servants. For PSD, any competent civil servant, any competent diplomat, is an enemy. They only defend their party clientele.
  2. Mrs Dăncilă, what major political priorities have your ministers managed to put ont he European Union’s agenda? What successful visits has FM Melescanu paid on Romania’s behalf in the EU countries and outside EU?,” Siegfried Mureşan posted on Facebook Wednesday, rhetorically asking “when have the Romanian ministers honoured our country, when <Petre Daea talked about cormorants in pools, when Teodorovici talked about nonexistent priorities>?

What have minister managed to obtain for Republic of Moldova? Nothing. I put it bluntly: Dăncilă Government hasn’t managed to put any priority on the EU agenda. The only thing that managed the current affairs has not been done by ministers, but by clerks and diplomats. And the greatest success of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council was the Sibiu Summit, exclusively handled by President Iohannis, the Government hasn’t had any part in it whatsoever”, Liberal MEP concluded.

Muresan’s stance comes after the Romanian PM has presented Romania’s balance sheet at the helm of the EU Council in a European Parliament on Tuesday, boasting with those 90 EU dossiers concluded under Romania’s term.

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