Liberal MPs file bill to tax special pensions by up to 95pc. Barna: PNL has come up with the proposal several hours after USR

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The Liberal group leaders in the Parliament have filed a draft bill on the progressive taxing of special pensions from 10% up to 96%, with the money to be directed to the current stringent medical needs.

The leader of the PNL deputies, Florin Roman and Daniel Fenechiu, the leader of PNL senators, have filed amendments to the emergency ordinance no. 29/2020

The proposal says that special pensions ranging from RON 2,001 and RON 4,000 to be taxed by 10 percent, the pensions ranging from RON 4,001 to RON 7,000 to be taxed by 60pc and those that exceeds RON 7,000 to be taxed by 95%.

It is time for solidarity and restraints for everybody, including for those who, benefiting of special pensions, can contribute to the financial effort that we need now so much,” said Florin Roman.

The Liberals propose that the savings resulting from the taxed special pensions to go on buying medical devices, equipment and sanitizers, but also to financially support the staff that is in the front line in the fight against the novel coronavirus: doctors, nurses, policemen, gendarmes, firemen, ambulance personnel, biologists and biochemists, employees of the emergency departments and clerks of the social services across city halls who go to the houses of the elderly to give them the necessary food and medicines.

“We opted for the version of the progressive taxation, motivated by the emergency state, to not come in conflict with the Constitutional Court’s rulings, which ban the total removal of this type of privileges,” Roman argued.

USR chairman Dan Barna retorted that Liberals had come up with the proposal for progressive taxation of special pensions several hours after USR, while ironically commenting: “I hope it’s not about political competition here.”

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