Liberal MPs on white armlet strike in protest to gridlock on vote by correspondence

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Liberal MPs went on ‘Japanese’ (working) strike on Monday, in an attempt to push legislation on the vote by correspondence. Liberal lawmakers showed up in Parliament wearing white armlets.

They claim the ruling Social Democrat Party doesn’t want Romanians in Diaspora to be able to cast their votes by mail at the next elections.

Liberal first deputy chairman Catalin Predoiu said that his party could decide on other types of protest as well to raise awareness on the vote by correspondence.

“The white armlet strike is one move, warning that PSD has systematically blocked the enactment of the law on the vote by correspondence. Other political protest actions will probably follow this week, decided during the party merger meeting,” Predoiu was informing last week.

In retort to the Liberal’s strike, Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu called the parliamentary group’s leaders to gather the deputies and senators, so that the Parliament could work despite the working strike of Liberal MPs.

“I have not talked to those of the PNL [National Liberal Party]. I don’t know the meaning of the parliamentary strike. If they think the Government can be toppled otherwise than through democratic means, they’re very wrong, because they do not observe the elementary operating rules of democracy. As far as we are concerned, the problem of our mobilization and attendance of the sittings, both in the Senate and in the Chamber of Deputies, we have discussed and I have called the group leaders to mobilize our colleagues. I think there won’t be any problem (…) What the PNL wants to do is their own business; we have other obligations. We’re part of the governing coalition, and this compels us to attend and support our bills,” the Senate speaker said as quoted by Agerpres.

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