Liberal Senator quits party, blames leader Ludovic Orban

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Senator Daniel Zamfir has announced in an open letter addressed to his colleagues that he is leaving the National Liberal Party (PNL), because the party has been put down into trenches and is heading in the wrong direction.

“I am PNL member for ten years, I was Deputy during 2012-2016 and now I am senator. I believe the MPs role should he to draw up laws, to protect millions of Romanians. (…) I was surprised to find out that the party chairman said I will be expelled from PNL if I continue with the debt to equity draft bill. I continued and the bill was voted with the support of the PSD-ALDE majority,” Zamfir wrote in the letter.

He claims PNL has been put down into trenches by leader Ludovic Orban.

PNL Executive Committee decided on March 28 to exclude Senator Daniel Zamfir from the party. The decision was adopted with 26 votes for and 2 against, plus two cancelled ballots. The decision is to be validated by the PNL National Council.

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