Liberals accuse Dancila of false declarations by omitting to mention her EUR 16,700 gold watch in the wealth statement


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After PSD has reloaded the campaign attacks against President Iohannis, accusing him of owning six houses and of owing money to the state, Liberals have launched a counter attack.

The leader of PNL deputies, Florin Roman, has accused PSD’s presidential candidate Viorica Dăncilă that she had not mentioned in her last wealth statement a golden watch worth over RON 80,000 (over EUR 16,700). In Dancila’s wealth statement it is only mentioned gold jewelry estimated to EUR 5,000, acquired in 2017.

 “PSD candidate running in the presidential election, Viorica Vasilica Dăncilă has violated the law, by forgetting to mention in the wealth statement the Cartier Ballon Bleu 18-karat gold watch. The catalogue vale of this luxury watch, which Mrs. Dancila displayed at the PSD press conference, after elections, is RON 82,678. Although she poses as a poor and honest candidate, like the PSD ideologue Ion Iliescu, Mrs Dancila doesn’t miss any opportunity to display her opulence. Besides the brooches that made the mass media’s delight, besides the diamond earrings, extremely expensive for a Romanian who lives from honest work, Mrs Dancila had no trouble to display her gold luxury watch”, said Florin Roman.

The liberal MP reminds Viorica Dăncilă that false statements represent a crime.

“I remind Mrs Dancila that false statements represent a crime stipulated in the Criminal Code. Mrs Dancila should explain to us how it’s to cry on the pensioners’ shoulders and to sit around in luxury at the same time? Mrs Dancila’s gold watch means the equivalent of 119 minimum pensions received by many of those whom the PSD candidate is asking for their votes. Well, how come, Mrs. Dăncilă?! ”, Roman added.

The PNL deputy also attached photos with the watch owned by the former PM and with its price.

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