Liberals and Social Democrats ink political deal on extending mandates of local representatives and on local elections date

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PSD, PNL and ALDE have made a deal on extending the mandates of the local representatives and on the date of the local elections. The three parties have submitted a draft bill in the Senate on Thursday to extend the mandates of the local leaders (mayors, deputy mayors, councilmen) until November 11. Their mandates expire on June 21, as local elections were due in early June in Romania, but they were postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The three parties have also agreed on holding local elections at the end of September, and September 27 would be the agreed day for the ballot. Sources told mass media that the end of September is convenient both for PSD and PNL, as PSD can preserve the mandates of the their local representatives a little bit longer, while PNL can thus limit the negative of effect prompted by the economic crisis following the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the other hand, USR and Pro Romania do not agree with the deal of PSD and PNL.

The bill also says that the date of the local elections this year is established through organic law at least 60 days before the vote, by the Parliament and not by the Government as so far. Early this month, Romania’s Constitutional Court ruled that the date of the local and parliamentary elections must be settled by law by the Parliament, not by the Government.

PSD is thus maintaining power in the territory for a few more months. Social Democrats have most of the city halls in the country’s counties and a great part of the county councils. According to internal polls, SocDems are credited around 27-28%, targeting about 30-32% in local elections.

If Liberals are also advantaged by elections at the end of September, USR has voiced its opposition and Pro Romania as well.

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