Liberals consider withdrawing Marian Munteanu from the Bucharest city hall race

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The National Liberal Party considers withdrawing the fresh candidature of Marian Munteanu (the former leader of students during the miner riots in the 90s) from the race for the Bucharest general mayor position after his bid had been challenged right from inside the party.

The Liberals convened for an emergency meeting on Tuesday night, with Munteanu also attending, with political sources revealing that they consider withdrawing him as candidate for the Bucharest city hall.

The Liberal co-presidents Vasile Blaga and Alina Gorghiu will convene again on Wednesday to discuss the party’s strategy for Bucharest, with conclusions being expected in a press conference scheduled at 6 p.m.

Liberal sources told Mediafax that the party leaders had asked the former leader of students to clear up his administrative situation at the companies and associations that he owns.

Subsequently, Marian Munteanu informed on Facebook that he had stepped back from the managing board of the NGOs he was part of and surrendered the shares he owned.

However, the issue seems to be more sensitive than his legal situation in the NGOs. Previously in the day, the charges rumored in the media related to Munteanu’s controversial past stances favoring the legionary movement seemed to annoy some of the Liberal candidates for the district city halls.

The PNL candidate for District 5 city hall Ovidiu Raetchi said that it’s wiser that each Liberal candidate should have his own electoral strategy, different from the one of Munteanu. He stated that is close to Munteanu’s stance on the fight against the communist regime but he disagrees with him when it comes to the legionary movement’s history.

Later on, the District 6 candidate, Razvan Mironescu said that he refuses to go to the street next to Marian Munteanu and that he first has to clear up his political programme. Mironescu admitted that Munteanu’s potential withdrawal would hurt the party’s image but stressed that the leader of PNL Bucharest, Catalin Predoiu would be a more powerful candidate than Munteanu.

Yet, another Liberal candidate, Dan Cristian Popescu, running for the District 2 city hall, defended Munteanu, saying that he is happy about his candidature, arguing that the fight against the Iliescu regime is what is linking him to Munteanu, also adding that he hasn’t seen any proof supporting the charges against the former leader of the students.

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