Liberals invite parties to debate on macroeconomic stability

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The National Liberal Party proposed consultations on macroeconomic stability on August 17 to all parliamentary parties, PNL co-president Alina Gorghiu informed.

“The Liberal team consists of Catalin Predoiu, Eugen Nicolaescu and Marian Petrache (…) The Tax code and its sustainability will be debated, as well as the salary law and besides that, the IMF, EC and WB agreement,” Gorghiu mentioned.

PNL co-president was stating on Friday that her party had already got a positive reply from UDMR which expressed willingness to talk on these topics, while PSD also transmitted it wouldn’t dismiss the debates.

The Social Democrats are set to have a final decision on the consultations during the next sitting of the party’s National Standing Bureau on August 15 when they will also expected to decide on the mandate for the upcoming parliamentary extraordinary session due on August 24-25, convened for the Tax code re-examination.

A possible topic might also be the Liberals’ call for an extraordinary session to adopt the vote by mail.

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