Liberals notify Constitutional judges over the Sovereign Investment Fund

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Deputies of the National Liberal Party (PNL) has filed a notification to the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) against the draft law on the Sovereign Investment Fund on Friday. The complaints has been signed by 66 Liberal deputies.

There are major content distinctions between the form passed by the Senate and the one adopted by the Chamber of Deputies on the way the capital contribution is established, meaning the draft adopted by the Chamber of Deputies stipulated 10 economic entities had been added, compared to the bill adopted in the Senate,” reads the Liberals’ notification, which also adds that four economic entities hadn’t been stipulated in the initial form of the draft law.

PNL argues that the bill is breaking the bicameralism, as new companies have been added in the bill by the deputies, which had not been voted by the senators as well  and they are about to get under the management of „a mammoth fund”.

„The law is not constitutional and it also breaks the article 135 of the Constitution which says that Romania is a market economy, based on the free initiative and competition. So, the current law says now that the private property of the state is transferred under the property of the Sovereign Investment Fund and the state will find impossible to carry out its main function- to protect the national interests of Romanians. The law is defying all rules of the functional market economy and of the free competition!,” PNL vice-president Raluca Turcan used to say on June 6.

The Chamber of Deputies voted nine days ago  the draft bill on the establishment of the Sovereign Development and Investment Fund (FSDI).

There were 174 votes for, 98 against and three abstentions. The Chamber of Deputies is a decision making body in this case.

According to the project, 33 state-owned companies will be included in the FSDI and the share capital will be of RON 9 billion.

According to the draft adopted by 174 votes for, 98 against and three abstentions, the FSDI share capital was increased, the cash contribution being RON 9 billion, compared to RON 1.85 billion, as it provided the form voted by the Senate.

Among the companies included are: Electrica S.A., E.ON Energie Romania S.A., OMV Petrom S.A, Telekom Romania Communication S.A., Engie Romania S.A., Antibiotice S.A., National Company Bucharest Airports S.A., Romgaz S.A. Chimcomplex S.A., Unifarm S.A., Loteria Romana S.A. and IAR S.A.

Ten more companies, against the Senate’s decision, have been included, companies without profit: CFR S.A., Radiocommunications Company S.A., Oltenia Energy Complex S.A., Romanian Post, Traian Vuia Airport in Timisoara, Midia S.A., Administration of Danube River Ports S.A. and National Company for Navigation Channel Administration S.A.


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