Liberals say they have a comfortable majority with USR-PLUS and UDMR, first rumours about portfolios, first complaints


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First vice-president of the National Liberal Party, Rares Bogdan has announced on Tuesday afternoon that a “comfortable majority” of 244 deputies and senators is being shaped, together with USR-PLUS and UDMR, to which another 16 MPs from the minorities group is added, so that a new Cabinet will be made till Christmas.

“The coalition is clear: PNL-USR-PLUS-UDMR. It’s clear that PMP has not made to the Parliament, so there are three right-wing parties with 244 deputies and senators, plus 16 MPs from the minorities group, so, we have a comfortable majority of 260 lawmakers, by around 36 more in addition to those 234 necessary ones”, Bogdan said.

He voiced hope that USR-PLUS will accept as much as possible from their resilience plan, adding that there has been no talk yet about ministries, but the future PM will want to have several major ministries such as the Justice, Finance, Interior and the EU funds ones.

However, sources told that Liberals had though talked about sharing the portfolios within a closed meeting and that there are four proposals in the party for the PM position, with PNL endorsing Nicolae Ciuca for a full term.

PNL also would want the Chamber of Deputies speaker for the resigning PM Ludovic Orban, leaving the Senate speaker seat for USR-PLUS.

As for the portfolios in the future Cabinet, PNL is to take 8 ministries and will give 5 ministries to USR-PLUS and 3 to UDMR.

The sources revealed that indeed PNL wants such portfolios as Internal Affairs, Justice, Economy, Finance, Transports, Development and EU Funds, and are willing to give in the Education and Health ministries to USR-PLUS.
The PNL’s proposals for the next PM allegedly are: Nicolae Ciucă, Ilie Bolojan and Florin Cîțu, but sources said that President Iohannis had clearly told Liberals he want Nicolae Ciuca at the helm of the government.

First gripes in the USR-PLUS camp

USR-PLUS co-chair Dan Barna says he would prefer a non-military PM, arguing that as Romania is a EU country “the military solution is not the best”, but added things will get clear during the consultations with the parties.

At the same time, rumours about the PNL’s plans on the ministries are not pleasing USR-PLUS.

The first discontent raised in the Barna-Ciolos team is related to the position of Chamber speaker, which USR-PLUS would want for Dan Barna, while the Liberals eye it for Ludovic Orban. As for the Senate speaker, it seems it is not a stake for USR-PLUS.

At the same time, USR-PLUS would want either the Justice or the Finance ministries, mostly counting on the Justice portfolio, considering that PNL will not give up the Finance one. Also, USR-PLUS would not want the Education ministry.

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