Liberals to file simple motion against FinMin asking for the GEO 114 repeal. PM Dancila in Parliament: “Is anyone bothered that we are reasoning in Romanian?”

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Liberals will file a simple motion against Finance minister Eugen Teodorovici to the Chamber of Deputies, asking him to repeal the fiscal emergency ordinance 114/2018, the so called tax on greed ordinance, regarding the tax on financial assets.

Together with other partners from the opposition we’ll file a motion against Finance minister urging him to repeal GEO 114 for this law can destroy Romania, jeopardizing any economic growth and throwing the country into crisis and recession,” PNL chairman Ludovic Orban said on Monday.

He added that GEO 114 „will bury the Romanian economy” and that’s why it must be repealed.

„Today, PM Viorica Dancila will attend the Government hour sitting in Parliament, upon PNL’s request. We considered this debate is necessary in the presence of the premier to send a new clear message to the Government and to the majority ruling: repeal GEO 114 which will practically bury the Romanian economy and will generate harmful effects for all Romanian citizens (…) The Government is compelled to repeal GEO 114 for otherwise it will destroy the Romanian economy, will increase mortgages, will worsen the lending conditions, will decrease the economic growth, will chase away private companies that manage the Pillar II private pensions, will destroy the competitiveness of the Romanian companies,” Orban pointed out.

PM Dancila is attending the Government Hour in the plenary sitting of the lower chamber today at 16:00hr, in a debate focused on the GEO 114, which introduces an additional tax on the banks’ assets, among others.

The prime minister told MPs that these taxes had not been invented by Romania, adding that the Opposition’s requests on this tax are unfounded.

Although the Opposition’s requests on GEO 114 are unfounded I consider the debate on this legislative act is welcome. Romania has not invented these taxes, they have been enforced in many EU countries. We have been holding the EU Council Presidency for two months. In a short period of time we closed more files than the Austrian Presidency. Under these circumstances does it seems normal to you that Romanians should pay double interests than the rest of the EU?” Dancila stated.

The PM said the implementing rules for grants within the Development and Investments Fund will be issued the upcoming days.

„Does it bother anyone that we are reasoning in Romanian? Through GEO 114 we aimed that billions of euros should reach the state budget to build hospitals and highways (…) the most important chapter of the GEO refers to taking measures for the public investments, including setting up the Development and Investments Fund, it is the first such mechanism created after the Revolution. The fund’s goals is to finance investment projects in such fields as sanitation, education, healthcare, sports, culture, housing and universities financing,” the premier said, adding that by GEO 114 is also protecting the household consumers in the energy sector, following Italy’s and France’s pattern.

Today, the Senate has tacitly adopted the draft GEO 114, which has stirred harsh criticism of many companies and institutions since it has been adopted by the Government in December last year. The Senate passed the draft GEO without the report of the Budget Committee.

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