Liberals vote for the Gov’t to assume responsibility for fiscal measures


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The leaders of the National Liberal Party (PNL) voted, on Monday, for the government’s taking responsibility for the package of fiscal-budget measures. The vote was given after an informal meeting that took place on Sunday in which several PNL leaders showed their dissatisfaction with the relationship with the PSD governing partners. Some leaders have even called for exit from government, according to political sources. “Today’s vote confirms the decision for the continuation of the government, to ensure the stability of the country, the fact that we discussed shows that we are a living party”, the PNL chairman, Nicolae Ciucă stated.

“We have discussed all these issues as honestly as possible. We need that, through these budget collections and the reduction of expenses, we can secure the necessary money for the co-financing of Romania’s development and modernization projects. We need funds to be able to support the payment of pensions and salaries. All these measures must not affect the incomes of the population“, said Ciucă, referring to the need to find money in the budget.

Several liberals conveyed on Sunday, at the party meeting, that the party will not give a blank vote to the package of fiscal measures, without there being a discussion beforehand in the coalition and in the Government and knowing all the measures that Prime Minister Ciolacu is bringing before Parliament.

According to some liberal sources, the meeting discussed the impact of these measures that affect the private environment and the liberal electorate. On Monday, PNL leaders have convened in a special leadership sitting, in which they validated the decision announced by Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu to assume responsibility in Parliament for the package of fiscal measures.

“We had discussions and presented as clearly as possible what are the fundamental elements that the PNL supported and supports for the employment of this responsibility. The fundamental elements are three: the reduction of budget expenditures, the reduction of tax evasion and fiscal measures”, declared Nicolae Ciucă.

The PNL president also referred to some measures to be adopted by the government, as well as to the PNL’s requirements.

“PNL supports the single tax rate, will continue to support private entrepreneurs, the economic environment, everything that means investment in Romania by maintaining the dividend tax rate at 8%. PNL supports the maintenance of the current VAT rate and we also support that at the level of the entire governmental structure those measures are identified by which large companies pay tax on the profit they make in our country. We also support that at the level of the liberal professions and PFAs a cap should be imposed on CASS. It is as clear as possible that beyond these measures we need another package to support investment measures and economic growth in the country. There are three lines that we can approach: fiscal facilities, facilities for utilities and personalized state aid for investments that exceed the amount of 50 million euros”, stated the PNL president.

Ciucă also spoke about the measures for SMEs as well as the VAT rate. “At the moment we have agreed that there are a number of products and services where differentiated VAT rates are maintained. We agreed in the Coalition, we maintain differentiated quotas for certain goods and services. The SME ceiling remains at 500,000 euros and the taxation part remained in the two dimensions with up to 60,000 euros and from 60,000 to 500,000 euros. The profitability part is a measure to be decided technically”, said Ciucă.

This afternoon the leaders of PNL and PSD will have a meeting at the Coalition level to finalize the package of fiscal measures.

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  1. Panagiotis Spyridis says

    Good. Everybody said what they had to say, so now lets move on and see what reality brings to us for next year. This is the beginning of the end for all Tax Invader minded entrepreneurs. Welcome to Europe.

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