Liberals want to take over ruling before 2016 elections

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The National Liberal Party (PNL) must come into power before the 2016 elections and organize the polls, PNL co-chair Vasile Blaga told party members and supporters on Sunday, in Suceava.

The liberals convened in Gura Humorului, Suceava county this weekend to discuss the party’s law priorities for the parliamentary session kicking off as of September 1, as well as the preparations for the local elections next year.

Blaga told his party colleagues that Prime Minister Victor Ponta must be ousted, as he “is harming Romania”.

“PSD [the Social Democrat main ruling party] only knows how to rule by acting as if it owns the entire country. How is it possible for Ponta to stay at the helm of the Government? I have nothing against citizen Ponta; I have it against the premier. I won’t say whether he’s guilty, but he is certainly harming Romania. Our obligation is to remove him from governing quickly, before he ruins this country. We must make him leave as soon as possible, but also think to bring strong people, who do not learn to be ministers by apprenticeship,” Blaga said.

He promised Suceava Liberals minister and state secretary positions. “Let us all move forward and take the best from everyone; and keep your mayors close, make them single chairs of the PNL leading structures,” he called.

In Suceava, the party’s targets are the municipality and the County Council, Blaga pointed out. “We must reconquer everything in Suceava, meaning the chairmanship of the County Council and the Municipality, with real men who do not lie and do not betray. (…) I have old friends in Suceava. (…) I trust their capability,” he said.

Blaga also unveiled that out of those 11 Liberal acting mayors, 10 will run again at the 2016 local elections, confirming that Emil Boc, Cluj-Napoca Mayor, is one of them.

As for the law priorities, the PNL leadership settled the Liberals would support the amendment of the police officer statute, the law of the trade education, as well as stipulations regarding holdings.

At the same time, the Liberals want a speed-up of the Tax Code enactment in Parliament and of the vote by mail. PNL co-president Alina Gorghiu asked political parties to emergently pass the vote by mail until November 1, so that it could be enforced at the 2016 local elections.

As for the Tax code, Vasile Blaga pledged that the National Liberal Party won’t table any more amendments, except for the ones agreed by the political parties on Thursday, stating the code could be promulgated next week.

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