Liviu Dragnea’ appeal from prison against PSD Congress denied

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Although in prison, former PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea has filed a complaint at the Bucharest Tribunal, trough his lawyer, challenging the decisions at the PSD Congress regarding the changing statute and electing the new leadership of the party. Practically, Dragnea claims that the new SocDem leadership has been illegally elected.

Bucharest Tribunal, which judged Dragnea’s complaint today, has rejected his motion, thus confirming the new Social Democrat leadership. The ruling is not final and can be challenged by appeal. Dragnea invoked in his claim even the dissolution of PSD.

Judiciary sources told mass media that the former PSD leader Liviu Dragnea had claimed in his complaints that, considering that through his prison sentence the High Court had also ruled that Adriana Botorogeanu and Anisa Stoica, the two employees at the Child Protection service in Teleorman had committed a fraud by actually working at PSD Teleorman, it means that the PSD organization of Teleorman must dissolved.

Dragnea also claimed that if the PSD Teleorman is not legal anymore and its members took part and voted at the Congress on June 29, that leads to the obligation that PSD itself must be dissolved.

Political sources claimed that Dragnea’s attempt is related to his file on the Teleorman fictitious hiring in which he is serving a 3-and-a-half year jail sentence and that actually the former PSD leader would eye the overhaul of his sentence.

The tribunal should have validated the decisions of the PSD Congress held on June 29, but the validation has been delayed due to Dragnea’s appeal.

Practically by delaying the enforcement of the Congress decisions, the validation of the new Social Democrat leadership is also postponed: Viorica Dancila was elected chairwoman, Eugen Teodorovici – executive president and Mihai Fifor – secretary general.

Flavia Teodosiu, Liviu Dragnea’s lawyer has denied explaining if the appeal filed by her client is targeting the new leadership of the Social Democratic Party or anything else. She claimed that she had never said her client’s move was targeted against Viorica Dancila’s being elected chairwoman.

“I have never said that (that Viorica Dancila’s election at the helm of PSD would be illegal). He (Liviu Dragnea) wanted that way. I have no mandate to make statements,” the lawyer told journalists.

Political sources revealed that Dragnea’s complaint had filed on July 3, but it had been delayed for July 22.

PSD leaders reacted, saying there is no revenge behind Dragnea’s appeal, but rather a notification on a potential procedural error. However, the Social Democrat argued that the congress could be repeated if the court admitted Dragnea’s complaint.

Florin Iordache, PSD deputy and deputy speaker of the Chamber of Deputies who used to replace Liviu Dragnea at the helm of the parliament’s chamber when Dragnea was missing, is now attacking his former boss.

“He is beating about the bush. According to the statute, Liviu Dragnea lost his status of PSD member when he was arrested. We had no president at that time. The old statute said that the chairman is elected by all party members,” said Iordache.

So, Viorica Dancila was elected chairwoman by the new statutes. Dragnea’s complaint came amid the validation process of the new statute. He is trying to connect his file where he had been convicted to the party statute, referring to the Teleorman branch, where the two women in the file were employed. But I don’t see any legal case here. He has no chances to win in court,” Florin Iordache told “Adevărul” daily newspaper.

In his turn, the leader of PSD Vaslui organisation, Dumitru Buzatu said he doesn’t know what Dragnea could have been challenged, for the congress was legal. “If his appeal is admitted, we hold another congress. The impact is yer minimal”, Buzatu commented.

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