Liviu Dragnea, dissatisfied with the EC warning, suggests Jean-Claude Juncker talks to Dacian Ciolos about the budget deficit

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PSD leader Liviu Dragnea said on Tuesday that Romania receives yellow cards and warnings from the European Commission, adding that they are incorrect and this is not the way to address a Member State.

Asked to comment on the European Commission recommendation to cut spending for 2017 by 0.5% of GDP, Dragnea replied: “When large states exceeded the 3% of GDP deficit there was no reaction from the EC. In Romania, when it is not even the problem to exceed the 3% deficit threshold, we are still shown yellow cards or warnings.”

“The governing programme will be put into practice, the deficit will not be exceeded, but we want to be allowed to develop Romania. All these signals are based on profoundly incorrect data, from my point of view, those coming from the EC. I believe this is not the proper way to address a member state, even if it is Romania,” Dragnea said.

Asked if there will be an answer from Romania, Dragnea said: “It is possible. I will have a meeting today with Mr. Tariceanu, we’ll also talk to the Prime Minister, because this approach is not correct for me. However, Romania is a Member State, macro indicators look very good, but we are still receiving all sorts of concerns.”

Liviu Dragnea advised the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to talk with Dacian Ciolos (former PM – our note) about exceeding the budget deficit, because they “meet very often.”

The European Commission has sent a warning to Romania on Monday of a significant deviation from the adjustment path in 2016 to reach the medium-term budgetary objective and recommends that the Council adopts a document requiring Romania to make the necessary measures in 2017 in order to correct this significant deviation, a communiqué from the EC reads.

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