Liviu Dragnea lashes at companies which ‘blackmail the Romanian state’

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PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea has warned the representatives of large companies to stop ‘blackmailing the Romanian state’, following the information related to the Government emergency ordinance that will introduce new fiscal measures.

“I’ve seen, I’ve read reactions from some or others, including from the large companies. My advice for them is to stop blackmailing the Romanian state. The Romanian state is not without rules and is not doing what some companies want it to do. This is an emergency ordinance envisaging a better supply of energy for the citizens, for the household consumers,” Dragnea said.

The PSD chair pointed to OMV Petrom, saying it threatened the state, reports.

“I’ve seen OMV Petrom with veiled threat that it will cut the gas production, I say it firmly, all of them should cease threatening the Romanian state. All those who will lose some money are critical, but the Romanians and the economy support this emergency ordinance,” he added.

Referring to the developments at the Bucharest Stock Exchange, Dragnea said: “The game on the stock exchange it’s a game I advise you to avoid. The price hikes announced by some have targeted clearly this, the fall of Romanian economy. The ones exploiting gas, the intermediaries, the traders which play with prices and ask the Romanian state to be indifferent. The Romanian companies should close down one after another. This is not acceptable. This would have meant to have a Parliament watching Romania turning backwards.”

Regarding the Pension Pillar II, Dragnea said nothing wrong will happen. The ways by which the pension funds further operate and people have the possibility to invest the money will be discussed, while the functioning of this pension pillar is not questioned.

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