Lower chamber decides MP Petre Roman should resume mandate. ANI claims the ruling is illegal


The Chamber of Deputies voted on Tuesday by 216 votes ‘for’, one abstention and one unexpressed vote the report of the Legal Committee and draft decision whereby Petre Roman regains his mandate as deputy after one year and a half.

The National Integrity Agency (ANI) criticizes the chamber’s decision, stating it is unfair and unlawful.

Petre Roman should receive outstanding allowances for the last year and a half worth some RON 90,000, hotnews.ro informs.

UDMR deputy Mate Andras said during debates in the Chamber of Deputies his pary will not rush to exclude a colleague. “Let’s not hurry in finding incompatibilities or to exclude a colleague and leave a deputy seat vacant,” he said.

In turn, social-democrat deputy Ciprian Nica, vice-chairman of the Legal Committee, said he was the one who chaired the Legal Committee sitting when the Petre Roman case was discussed and added that the decision by which he lost the position of deputy had been abusive.

MP Petre Roman’s term ended in early February 2015.

The Bucharest Court of Appeal decided to cancel the ANI ruling, according to which Petre Roman allegedly was in conflict since December 20, 2012, as he had held simultaneously the office of deputy and the one of authorized person (PFA).

This sentence was appealed to the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ – Supreme Court) and the hearing was set on October 12. The Supreme Court’s decision will be final.

In January 2015, the Bucharest Court decided to uphold the ANI report, whereby it was revealed that the former lawmaker was in incompatibility. The decision was adopted at that time following a procedural incident, as Petre Roman did not address the court in due time, according to the law to the competent court, consequently after the decision of the Court Petre Roman lost his MP mandate.

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