Lower chamber tacitly passes bill to disband special section for investigating magistrates


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The Chamber of Deputies has tacitly passed the draft law initiated by USR that targets to disband the Special Section for Investigating Magistrates. The initiators argued that there no reasons to justify the section’s activity.

The bill initiated by the USR MPs has passed tacitly as the deadline for debate and vote has been past due.

The initiators argued that the magistrates in Romania, as well as the international bodies urged the former government to disband the section, as it has a negative impact on the independence of prosecutors and judges, as well as on the citizens’ confidence in the criminal law system and in the judiciary overall.

The decision-making chamber in this case is the Senate.

GRECO report released in July asked for the abolition of the special section, warning that public perceptions of low levels of corruption in certain countries, including Romania, may lead to underestimating the need for measures to combat corrupt practices.

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