Lower chamber’s legal committee Oks bill allowing MPs, ministers and mayors to have businesses

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The legal committee of the Chamber of Deputies has adopted a draft law saying that MPs, ministers, prefects and mayors can own private companies registered as physical persons. The draft law was tabled by UDMR.

According to the draft, signed by three UDMR deputies and two senators, the lawmakers, the members of the Government, the prefects, deputy prefects, mayor and deputy mayors, as well as the leaders of the local and county councils will be able to be traders registered as physical persons.

At present to own a company when you have a public position is banned by the law 161/2003.

The legal committee of the lower chamber has adopted a favorable opinion to the UDMR initiative first thing on Wednesday, at 8 a.m.

The draft was initiated by five UDMR lawmakers: Csép Éva-Andrea, Márton Árpád-Francisc, Szabó Ödön, Fejér László-Ődőn, Tánczos Barna.

The draft law has been previously rejected in the Senate, the Romanian Parliament’s upper chamber.

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