Lower salaries for the President and PM, higher ones for MPs – new draft emergency ordinance reads


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Higher salaries for MPs, but lower for the President, the Prime Minister and Ministers, this is what the draft emergency ordinance provides on the new wage grid, according to digi24.ro.

Thus, a Deputy or a Senator would get an allowance of RON 7,000 (approx EUR 1,560), which means an increase of about RON 2,000 as compared to the amount currently received.

According to the draft, the salary of the President falls to RON 10,661 (approx EUR 2,370) from RON 15,000 (approx EUR 3,333) as stipulated by the ordinance issued by the Ponta government and entered into force in August 2015.

The PM’s salary falls from RON 13.606 (approx EUR 3,000) to RON 9,639 (approx EUR 2,142).

The speakers of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate will also receive lower wages, from RON 13,606 (approx EUR 3,000) to RON 9,639 (approx EUR 2,142), according to the draft ordinance.

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